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Legislative action that proposed this amendment: SJR7 1911 Regular Session

Disposition: Voters rejected this proposed amendment.

Amends article 13, section 2


All property in the State, not exempt under the laws of the United States, or under this Constitution, or the laws of the State of Utah, shall be taxed as provided by law. The word property, as used in this article, is hereby declared to include moneys, credits, bonds, stocks, franchises, and all matters and things (real, personal and mixed), capable of private ownership; but this shall not be so construed as to authorize the taxation of the stocks of any company or corporation, when the property of such company or corporation represented by such stock, has been taxed. The Legislature shall provide by law for an annual tax sufficient, with other sources of revenue, to defray the estimated ordinary expenses of the State for each fiscal year. The Legislature shall also provide for the payment of the state debt, if any there be, before the same becomes due; and provide for the payment of the interest on said debt as it may fall due.