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Legislative action that proposed this amendment: HJR1 1946 1st Special Session

Disposition: This amendment took effect following voter ratification. You may read the resulting 1947 Utah Constitution here.

Amends article 13 section 7


The rate of taxation on tangible property shall not exceed on each dollar of valuation, two and four-tenths mills for general State purposes, and such additional levy as the Legislature may provide for the State's share of the support of a portion of the public school system as defined in Article X, Section 2 of this Constitution, such portion consisting only of kindergarten schools, common schools and high schools. The state shall contribute not more than 75% of the total cost of operation and maintenance of a minimum school program in the State as such program shall from time to time be determined upon by the legislature.

Not more than 75% of the State's portion of the revenue necessary to finance the operation and maintenance of such minimum school program shall be raised by a State property tax levy and the remainder thereof shall be raised from other State sources. The Legislature shall determine by law the method of allocation of the State's contribution to various school districts.