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Legislative action that proposed this amendment: HJR5 1953 Regular Session

Disposition: Voters rejected this proposed amendment.

Amends article 9 section 2,3,4


The Legislature shall provide by law for an enumeration of the inhabitants of the State, A. D. 1905, and every tenth year thereafter, and at the session next following such enumeration, and also at the session next following an enumeration made by the authority of the United States, shall revise and adjust the apportionment for representatives on the basis of such enumeration according to the ratios to be fixed by law.


The Senate shall consist of one member from each county of the State, and the House of Representatives of seventy-five members. The Legislature may increase or decrease the number of representatives, but the number of representatives shall never be less than twice nor greater than three times the number of senators.


Each county of the state shall constitute a senatorial district.