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Legislative action that proposed this amendment: SJR1 1966 2nd Special Session

Disposition: Voters rejected this proposed amendment.

Enacts article 6 section 33


In order to expedite the work of the legislature, each house may by resolution provide for the appointment of committees to ascertain facts and make recommendations as to any subject within the scope of legislative regulation or control, and joint committees, consisting of members of both houses, may be created by joint resolutions. A resolution creating any such committee may authorize it to act during sessions of the legislature, during periods when the legislature is in adjournment or after final adjournment of a session. Any such committee shall have the powers and perform the duties provided by the resolution creating it, including the power of subpoena and the power to hire and to maintain staff, and in addition it shall have such powers and perform such duties as may be provided by law or by the rules of the legislature or either house thereof. The legislature may provide for the payment of expenses necessarily incurred by any such committee.