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Legislative action that proposed this amendment: SJR5 1982 Budget Session

Disposition: This amendment took effect following voter ratification. You may read the resulting 1983 Utah Constitution here.

Amends article 6 section 9


The Legislature shall not increase the salaries of its members on its own initiative, but shall provide by law for the appointment by the Governor of a citizens' salary commission to make recommendations concerning the salaries of members of the Legislature. Upon submission of the commission's recommendations, the Legislature shall by law accept, reject or lower the salary but may not, in any event, increase the recommendation. The Legislature shall provide by law for the expenses of its members. Until salaries and expenses enacted as authorized by this section become effective, members of the Legislature shall receive compensation of $25 per diem while actually in session, expenses of $15 per diem while actually in session, and mileage as provided by law.