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Legislative action that proposed this amendment: SJR8 1983 Regular Session

Disposition: This amendment took effect following voter ratification. You may read the resulting 1985 Utah Constitution here.

Enacts article 13 section 14


Aircraft, watercraft, motor vehicles, and other tangible personal property, not otherwise exempt under the laws of the United States or under this Constitution, may be exempted from taxation as property by the Legislature. In the exercise of the discretion granted under this section, however, the legislature may only exempt tangible personal property that is required by law to be registered with the state before it is used on a public highway, on a public waterway, on public land, or in the air. If the legislature exempts tangible personal property from taxation under this section, it shall provide for uniform statewide fees or uniform statewide rates of assessment or levy in lieu of the tax on such property. The value of any tangible personal property exempted from taxation, however, shall remain and be considered as part of the state tax base for the purpose of determining debt limitations as set forth in Article XIV of this Constitution. The proceeds from such a tax or fee are not subject to Sec. 13 of this Article and shall be distributed to the taxing districts in which the exempted property is located in the same proportion as the revenue collected from real property tax is distributed to such districts.