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Deprecated plugin hooks in WordPress 2.7

Important! Some WordPress hooks get applied in multiple PHP files. If you are trying to figure out what a specific WordPress hook does, sort the table by "hook" and make sure you are looking in all the files where it occurs.

Hook Type Renamed?
1 admin_head{$hook_suffix} note action DEPRECATED
2 admin_print_scripts{$hook_suffix} note action DEPRECATED
3 admin_print_styles{$hook_suffix} note action DEPRECATED
4 cat_row filter DEPRECATED
5 cat_rows filter DEPRECATED
6 comment_relatedlinks_list action DEPRECATED
7 dashboard_count_sentence filter DEPRECATED
8 dashmenu action DEPRECATED
9 link_cat_row filter DEPRECATED
10 link_relatedlinks_list action DEPRECATED
11 manage_link_columns filter DEPRECATED
12 manage_media_media_column action DEPRECATED
13 mce_options action DEPRECATED
14 page_relatedlinks_list action DEPRECATED
15 post_relatedlinks_list action DEPRECATED
16 sidemenu action DEPRECATED
17 simple_edit_form action DEPRECATED
18 submitcomment_box action DEPRECATED
19 tag_rows filter DEPRECATED
20 visual_editor filter DEPRECATED
21 wp_dashboard_widget_links_{$widget_id} note filter DEPRECATED

Important warning about variable hooks

Some hooks have variables in their names. For example, pre_${taxonomy}_$field and admin_head- both have variable names. In general, any hook that ends (or begins) with - or _, or contains a $, has a variable name. Since the syntax with which these variables are defined may change from version to version, this page may think that a hook is deprecated (or new) even if it is not. You can usually catch this sort of thing by comparing this hook to the list of "related hooks" below.